Message From Dean

By working together, we can gift the world with more doctors and make the healthcare system better for everyone!

Dr. Marshall (Chip) Montrose,
Dean, BIU

Dear Aspirant Doctors,
Welcome to Bridgetown International University!

As the Academic Dean at BIU, I oversee the education of talented and dedicated students who are seeking to make a positive difference in the world.

For these students, the study of medicine broadens their perspective, no matter what they have studied before. All professional fields challenge the intellect, but medicine uniquely integrates this with a comprehensive training to help others restore and maintain their health. It is also a field that keeps the intellect continually engaged, since medicine is one of the most rapidly changing fields with constant advances in new technologies and new drugs. Medicine is uniquely rewarding.

If you are a prospective student thinking about a career in medicine, consider joining us. Our faculty and staff are ready to help you grow and meet the challenges of a rigorous education, and the beautiful tropical island of Barbados provides a welcoming and enjoyable setting for your work. We offer a unique opportunity to enrich your life professionally and personally!

I look forward to meeting you.

Best Wishes
Dean, Bridgetown International University
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